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The Fat Loss Patch


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We are located in Starke, Florida about 40 minutes from Jacksonville, Florida's West Side.
There is no place we won't visit to help all overweight people with a desire to lose weight, and or make money spreading the word about the PATCH that really WORKS!
Please don't be fooled by those that Patches that won't work.
You know how it is in marketing, there will always be those that try to copy the real thing, BUT everyone knows "There ain't nothin' like the real thing"!
This is the hard part.
Place a PATCH on your body!
Leave it on 24 Hours.
Then change it for a new one the next day!
You'll notice More Energy the next day!
You will crave LESS Food!
You will begin feeling BETTER!
Look at this as a LAST FAT LOSS
Product you will ever need!

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We work this business from our home.
So Can You!
You can even work this business using the internet!
Losing weight and making money
what a great combination!
CALL: 904-966-0641
We're Always Here!

Phil Cay, 15222 SW 75th Ave, Starke, FL 32991

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